The Dance of Law and Business: Finding Rhythm in Corporate Sectors

Opinion piece by Wojciech Dziomdziora General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at NEXERA, on the current disruptive environment in law.

In-house counsel in the fast lane

Why in-house lawyers are in extremely high demand in companies across Europe and how the profession evolved remarkably in recent years.

The six challenges of in-house lawyers: an interview series with French company lawyers

The French publication “Les Echos” interviewed ten legal directors from medium and large companies to find how to address and adapt to these ever-changing challenges.

The evolving global role of the general counsel in Latin America and beyond

The report by CMS produced a number of findings, such as highlighting the increase of importance regarding ethics and compliance within legal teams.

Perspective on implications of COVID-19 on the legal sector

The short term impact of COVID-19 on people, businesses and markets applies across sectors and market segments, and requires a range of immediate actions, while positioning for the strongest possible future.

The impact of social media at the workplace

Using social media at the workplace is a complicated issue. As social media usage has integrated into the everyday lives of workers, different companies and jurisdictions have various approaches to the phenomenon. Some companies monitor the usage, some restrict access, some permit it freely. Regardless, as social media has become an active part of many people’s lives, it remains to be seen whether a uniform global response will arise.

Diversity in the workplace: Boon or distraction?

Is it a wise decision from a business standpoint to promote diversity at the workplace? What is driving the change in inclusivity in the corporate culture?

Employer Branding: Strategies to recruit the next generation of lawyers
4 December 2018   |   By Claudia Behrend Recruitment Employer Branding: Strategies to recruit the next generation of lawyers How do employers successfully target company lawyers on the applicant market? What sets them apart from law firms, and what is the secret…
How modernisation changes the profession of company lawyers
14 November 2018   |   By Jonathan Marsh New role models How modernisation changes the profession of company lawyers As the activities of company lawyers have changed over the decades, so has their function. With the world becoming smaller and more…

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