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Uniting 50,000 company lawyers and legal practitioners across Europe

ECLA, the European Company Lawyers Association, serves as the umbrella organisation for 21 company lawyers’ associations from 20 countries across Europe. ECLA represents more than 42,000 in-house lawyers from leading corporations across Europe, advocates for the profession of in-house lawyers and promotes the acceptance and demand for an active role of company lawyers within their respective companies. For its members, ECLA offers regular updates on legal challenges and developments affecting in-house lawyers. If you want to find out more about our activities, visit ecla.eu


“We will bring Europe’s company lawyers closer together, offer a vital and unprecedented platform for networking and best practice sharing within the legal community.”
ECLA President Jonathan Marsh

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In-House Legal is the information portal of the European Association of Company Lawyers (ECLA) and provides news and background analysis on developments affecting the work of company lawyers across Europe.

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