Policy & Regulation

This section focuses on developments in the EU policy field that can affect company lawyers in their day-to-day work. Both small and large companies must deal with a growing body of regulations, many of which stem from the European Union.

EU legislation follows a complicated and often lengthy procedure that implicates many EU and Member State institutions as well as outside interests. The European Commission uses a roadmap to define the scope of a major new law or policy, an evaluation of an existing law or policy, or an overhaul thereof.

Roadmaps describe the issues that must be tackled and what objectives must be met. They explain why EU action is necessary, outline policy options and describe the main features of the consultation strategy. The Commission can also carry out an impact assessment, if the potential impact of a law or policy is large on the economy, environment or society. Interested stakeholders usually get the opportunity to provide the EU institutions with expertise prior to the adoption of new legislation.

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