Digitalisation & Data Protection

One of the areas in recent years, where the EU has become increasingly more active is data protection, where a number of new regulations, headlined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have been adopted. The EU’s competence is derived from Article 8 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, which stipulates that everyone has the right to the protection of personal data concerning them.

In May 2018, the GDPR entered into force. The main goals are to strengthen the fundamental rights of individuals in the digital age, to clarify rules for companies and public bodies, and to do away with the fragmentation of different national systems and the administrative burdens that result from it.

Further regulatory efforts include the new EU Copyright Directive, an effort to strengthen the position of content producers vis-à-vis tech companies. The Commission has also proposed an ePrivacy Regulation, that aims to modernise the Privacy and Electronic Communications Direcive 2002 and keep up with the fast pace at which IT-based services are developing. The EU also intends to introduce a Cybersecurity package, that creates a mechanism for setting up European cybersecurity certification schemes for specific ICT processes, products and services.

GDPR: ‘Years away from legal certainty’ as breach notifications keep rising

Written question submitted by liberal MEP raises questions about practical enforcement of the Regulation

Countless CCTV cameras fitted on a wall
YouTube settlement: Privacy concerns addressed?

Typical to recent data privacy violation fines, some hail it as a step forward, while others see it as too lenient

US slaps Facebook with $5 billion fine over privacy violations

In the continuing aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, US authorities move to take financial action against Big Tech giant

Viviane Reding giving a speech at the ECLA Annual Conference
‘European Parliament has noise-makers and law-makers’

INTERVIEW: Former European Commissioner Viviane Reding from Luxembourg sat down with In-House Legal to discuss Brexit, data protection and gender equality.

The implementation of 5G will have far-reaching effects across the World
5G and political developments

The technology could have far-reaching effects across the World, leading politicians to race to the top

The situation shows that tweets can have immense impact on the value of a company's shares
Tweeting yourself into legal trouble

The investigation into Elon Musk’s Twitter use reminds us of the impact that social media can wield.

Memes and gifs under the revised Article 13 will be exempted
Europe’s disputed copyright law: An overview

With 348 voting in favour, 274 voting against and 36 abstaining, the much-discussed EU Copyright Directive has finally been approved by the European Parliament.

The EU Cybersecurity Act has been adopted by a large majority, establishing a certification scheme across Europe
EU Cybersecurity Act clears final parliamentary hurdle

The adoption establishes the first EU-wide certification scheme to ensure that cybersecurity standards are met.

The decision might have far-reaching consequences for Facebook's operations in Europe
German antitrust regulator lashes out at Facebook

The order by the Federal Cartel Office might have far-reaching effects in how Facebook manages its operations in Europe

The year 2019 will be a defining year for the EU
EU policy and legal developments in 2019

With the European Parliament elections on the horizon, 2019 will be full of challenges to overcome for the European Union.

DST would target companies such as Facebook and Google
The European digital services tax: Now or never?
26 November 2018 European Union The digital services tax: Now or never? The December meeting…
GDPR infringements: Fine-tuning the new data protection rules

With the enactment of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last May, data protection does not only move from a directive to a regulation but also from low (or no) fines to high fines.

Cyber liability insurance: Safeguarding financial interests against modern threats

Two world-wide cyberattacks and a comprehensive EU-wide data protection regulation have led companies to extensively revise their data handling methods. However, if businesses solely

GDPR: The Herculean quest for compliance

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation has kept many businesses and legal departments busy in recent months. Efforts to become compliant with the new law are

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EU copyright reform draws criticism
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Why the EU digital tax is a sensitive issue
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United States vs. Microsoft: Legislators make the dispute moot
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