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This section focuses on issues that in-house lawyers often deal with, including management, the organizational aspects and the restructuring of companies following mergers and acquisitions. In addition, the section will cover how companies and in-house counsels deal with questions related to the corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Brussels ponders reform of securities trading rules

The Commission is aiming to make certain adjustments to the investor protection rules

Questions about the safety of glyphosate are still lingering
Glyphosate and cancer: The jury is out

Thousands in the United States are suing Bayer over Monsanto’s controversial weed killer Roundup

The European Commission has proposed multiple instruments to introduce collective redress in the EU
EU wants to allow class-action suits – under certain terms

The landscape for collective redress rules across Europe varies a great deal and efforts to harmonise it might entail negative consequences

The direct listing does make access to investors more difficult however
Music in the air: Was Spotify’s IPO a trailblazer?

Spotify’s choice to be directly listed proved to be a success for a company that has a large following and is universally known and has encouraged others to follow suit. However, direct listing has its risks and limitations, making it an ideal option only for select few.

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