Our articles regarding compliance focus on the legal obligations that company lawyers face in their daily practices. With the introduction of Directive (EU) 2017/1132 relating to certain aspects of company law, European company law is partially harmonized. There are also ongoing efforts for establishing a EU-wide company law and corporate governance framework in order to improve the business environment in the EU.

The EU also provides regulations on the statutory auditing of companies to improve the integrity of financial statements made by companies. The EU also has special reporting rules for issuers with securities admitted to trading on regulated markets. The 2004 EU Transparency Directive requires issuers of securities that are traded on regulated markets within the EU to make their activities transparent, by regularly publishing certain information, including annual and bi-annual financial reports, major changes in the holding of voting rights and ad-hoc inside information that could affect the price of securities.

France: Communications exchanged via private messaging apps at workplace remain confidential, court rules

The ruling reflects on the diminished line between using company property for personal use over the last decade

Foodstuffs from Israeli settlements must state their specific geographical origin, top EU court rules

ECJ insists on consumer protection and need for accurate labels of origin

Questions about the safety of glyphosate are still lingering
Glyphosate and cancer: The jury is out

Thousands in the United States are suing Bayer over Monsanto’s controversial weed killer Roundup

Why a company needs a compliance programme

Though thorough compliance programmes can seem excessive and complex, companies need proper compliance methods in place, in order to ensure that the business is not negatively affected to an extent that might be detrimental and have an impact on the business operations.

The decision might have far-reaching consequences for Facebook's operations in Europe
German antitrust regulator lashes out at Facebook

The order by the Federal Cartel Office might have far-reaching effects in how Facebook manages its operations in Europe

eDiscovery – Eletronic tools to detect compliance violations

Compliance violations are everyday events in many companies, especially in an international context. And they can result in serious damage. Many companies use electronic analysis tools to track them down.

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