“AI is nothing to be afraid of”

At a panel discussion jointly organised by ELCA and hosted in the European Parliament, experts discussed the challenges posed by AI within the legal field.

Website offering litigation support for tenants against landlords within the law, German high court rules

German court ruling allows company to provide online legal services in landmark ruling for consumer protection

German court rules legal bot is against the law

Cologne’s District Court has ruled that Smartlaw, an automated system allowing users to generate contracts online, cannot continue because it is not provided by a law firm.

Bitcoin and blockchain: Disruptive potential not only for the financial sector

Initial coin offerings, tokens, smart contracts: In the environment of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain there is an ever increasing number of terms with complex contexts.

Heading into new legal territory with blockchain technology

Everybody’s talking about blockchain: A technology that could revolutionize entire industries and enable completely new business models to emerge. Company lawyers should

What will lawyers be required to do in the future?

Professor Dr. Körner regularly addresses questions in our column concerning personnel, law and digitalization. Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? Feel free to

eDiscovery – Eletronic tools to detect compliance violations

Compliance violations are everyday events in many companies, especially in an international context. And they can result in serious damage. Many companies use electronic analysis tools to track them down.

Norway – Law firms experimenting with Artificial Intelligence
24 September 2018 Artificial intelligence Norway – Law firms experimenting with Artificial Intelligence In Norway, law firms will be important drivers for the development of legal artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming years, especially in the area of text analysis. Since…

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