Foreign in-house lawyers enjoy legal advice privilege under English law

The judgment also covers in-house lawyers in jurisdictions where they do not enjoy legal privilege

Legal Professional Privilege in Europe and Beyond

The roundtable discussion included the status of LPP in various European jurisdictions, including Germany, France, the UK and others, in addition to providing a regulatory overview within the EU legal framework, contrasting it with the status of LPP in the US.

Legal privilege for Spanish in-house lawyers clarified and enshrined in law

For company lawyers, this entails another European jurisdiction that clarifies and enshrines in statute the inherent rights and obligations of lawyers in the in-house community.

Swiss mulling on LPP for civil proceedings

Though preliminary in nature, it is positive to see discussions developing under the Swiss jurisdiction on extending lpp to corporate lawyers

Independence and legal privilege for domestic and foreign in-house counsel affirmed by Dutch District Court

The decision reaffirms the applicability of legal professional privilege for corporate counsel under Dutch law and clarifies who falls under the legal scope

England’s Court of Appeal affirms “absolute nature” of legal privilege

The Courts reaffirm one of the key tenets of the common law system

France moves to protect confidentiality of in-house advice

To protect French companies from legal trouble abroad, the Macron government might now be ready to extend legal privilege to company lawyers

US court decision a warning for in-house lawyers

The ruling of a Colorado district court that reignited the discussion on whether or not attorney-client privilege applies to communications from in-house lawyers that contains both legal and strategic business advice.

Constitutional Court: Seizure of documents in German diesel emissions scandal were lawful

Germany Seizure of documents in diesel emissions scandal lawful, says Constitutional Court Following the unsuccessful complaints lodged by Volkswagen AG and the law firm Jones Day with Germany’s Constitutional Court regarding the seizure of sensitive compliance documents in the diesel…

A victory for legal privilege: Court of Appeal rules against SFO in ENRC case
24 September 2018 UK court ruling A victory for legal privilege: Court of Appeal rules against SFO in ENRC case In the case of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) vs. ENCR, legal privilege received a landmark win. On 5 September,…

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