Europe’s disputed copyright law: An overview

With 348 voting in favour, 274 voting against and 36 abstaining, the much-discussed EU Copyright Directive has finally been approved by the European Parliament.

EU Cybersecurity Act clears final parliamentary hurdle

The adoption establishes the first EU-wide certification scheme to ensure that cybersecurity standards are met.

German antitrust regulator lashes out at Facebook

The order by the Federal Cartel Office might have far-reaching effects in how Facebook manages its operations in Europe

EU policy and legal developments in 2019

With the European Parliament elections on the horizon, 2019 will be full of challenges to overcome for the European Union.

The European digital services tax: Now or never?
26 November 2018 European Union The digital services tax: Now or never? The December meeting of EU finance ministers will be interesting. There are countries that staunchly support the proposed digital services tax on a European level, while others reject…
GDPR infringements: Fine-tuning the new data protection rules

With the enactment of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last May, data protection does not only move from a directive to a regulation but also from low (or no) fines to high fines.

Cyber liability insurance: Safeguarding financial interests against modern threats

Two world-wide cyberattacks and a comprehensive EU-wide data protection regulation have led companies to extensively revise their data handling methods. However, if businesses solely

GDPR: The Herculean quest for compliance

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation has kept many businesses and legal departments busy in recent months. Efforts to become compliant with the new law are

The new ePrivacy Regulation: Europe’s next privacy battle
17 October 2018 EU ePrivacy Regulation Europe’s next privacy battle The General Data Protection Regulation has just come into force, and now the next legislative giant lurks around the corner: the ePrivacy Regulation, which is currently being negotiated in the…
EU copyright reform draws criticism
17 October 2018 Copyright law EU copyright reform draws criticism The EU aims to update existing online copyright laws in order to strengthen the rights of content producers and to divert some of the revenue from tech giants toward artists, authors…

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